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An introduction to Mark Smith

I’m Mark Smith

And I’m on my journey to invest $1,000,000 into my mindset.

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Mark Is…

Canada’s no.1 Mindset Investor, a Motivational Speaker, and a Host of 7-2 Mindset Investor, the Hero’s Journey Podcast. He has closed near to $100 Million in high ticket sales. With over 15,000 podcasts downloaded and over 70,000 views on YouTube, Mark is passionate about helping others build their mindset and bring value to those who want to perform at higher levels.

How my journey began…

The Significance of 7-2

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7 and 2 are the worst possible cards you can get while playing poker. You can only fold your cards and accept defeat. But in life, we all get dealt with bad hands; we can choose to accept them or rise above them. We have the power to write our own stories, our own wins.

This podcast is about 7-2 moments that have broken people and had them literally on their knees. They all refused to accept defeat and as a byproduct have become inspirations. Mark intends to educate, inspire and motivate people through his podcast interviews with incredible guests on the topics of Mindset and Personal Development.

Mark wants to help you win those 7-2 moments of your life and truly believes in the saying,

“My Vulnerability is my Superpower.”

And through his podcast and content, Mark is on a mission to help people break their mindset barriers and get back the control in their life.


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