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72 Mindset Investor Review by Nadia Bulfone Stallaert

Amazing – MUST LISTEN!

Amazing podcast! Mark interviews a huge variety of outstanding people and they talk about every kind of success and struggle from personal life to business, and the conversations have gotten so deep that I’ve actually shed a few tears listening to at least one of them! It’s just amazing, the conversations in this podcast help grow your mindset and confidence just by listening to other people’s stories and seeing how much we can relate to a lot of them!

Nadia S

5 star review

Amazing Guests, Very Insightful

Mark Smith does a great job interviewing some of the most successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors in the industry. There is always something new I learn and I always walk away with at least one golden nugget (sometimes much more) from every single episode. Keep up the great work brother! I’m looking forward to see who you interview next.

Alan A

5 star review
72 Mindset Investor Review by Alan Abbas
72 Mindset Investor Review by Kevin Marshall
Outstanding Content!
Raw content that is unedited! I love the brand and religiously listen to the episodes! Keep the good work Mark! You are adding a ton of value to the Real Estate community!!

Kevin M

5 star review
This Is A Must Subscribe
The content Mark Smith provides is so valuable. Listen, and learn, and then take action. I have put so much of Mark’s lessons into practice, and it’s allowed me to grow and live a better life, and be a better man. Thank you so much Mark for this channel. The world is a better place because of the content you provide.

Mathieson G

5 star review
72 Mindset Investor Review by Mathieson Goddard
72 Mindset Investor Review by Vinod Krishnan

Mindset Doctor

Mark is a mindset doctor. He chooses his guests carefully and extracts out from them, what kind of mind exercises they employed that resulted in a successful outcome with their career, business and family life. Listen to his podcasts and you will not be disappointed. Great content.

Vinod K

5 star review
MUST LISTEN- Amazing Podcast!
This is 100% one of my top 3 podcasts I listen to religiously! I’ve been focusing on my own mindset a lot in the last year and this podcast has helped me stay on track! Not only does Mark interview amazing guests that have a lot of knowledge to share, Mark has shared many of his own tips and tricks that have helped me! I love seeing the growth in the podcast, the more you grow the more we grow!!

Nicole H

5 star review
72 Mindset Investor Review by Nicole Hughson
72 Mindset Investor Review by Parm Manhas


Mark features such an amazing array of guests on his podcast from investors, high performance coaches, mentors & influencers. I’m constantly inspired by the stories I hear. He’s so great at asking questions and leading with vulnerability that he’s able to pull so much more out of the conversation than expected.

Parm M

5 star review
Get Your Mind Right
Mark Smith speaks the truth in every episode and his openness and vulnerability get you really thinking about yourself and how to improve your own situation.

Fernando N

5 star review
72 Mindset Investor Review by Fernando Nunes